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Media: Digital
Release Date: DEC 31 2018

Frequency is a mini ARG about trust, communication and AI. You play as the first human to view a sentient OS’s self-written marketing website, and discover the OS is more intelligent than its creators imagined.

It is a streamlined transmedia project built to deliver the most compelling elements of Alternate-Reality Games without the time commitment requirements of a full ARG. The entire game can be played on a single website (with external research) and is meant to be inviting to players new to the genre, as well as complex enough to satisfy ARG enthusiasts.

Concept by Patrick Greatbatch and Braydon Beaulieu

Technical Consultant Jonathan Levstein

​Writing and Game Design by Patrick Greatbatch

​Pixel Sorting using tools by Diego F. Goberna

Gibberish text from Library of Babel by Jonathan Basile