Maudelyn’s Quest

I am pleased to share Maudelyn’s Quest, a TOJAM game created by the Natural Language Dev team (Braydon, Jonathan and I) as well as the talented programmer Mic Fok and fantastic artist Kat Pavlova.

Maudelyn’s Quest is a match-3 narrative adventure, in which you (literally) puzzle your way through tough decisions.

It was a blast to make, and I am so proud of our team’s effort. The project was rather ambitious (the play time is about 20 mins), but we managed to pull it all together and develop a cohesive experience, with wonderfully drawn pixel art.

It was my first experience with Yarn for Unity, and I learned a lot about how it can be used to integrate complex branching narratives into a game. Here are some screenshots of the unique mess we made with Yarn.

I hope you enjoy Maudelyn’s Quest, and I will be back in a few weeks with a new update about Natural Language.