A Note on the Visuals

All non-game specific images on this site come from the seaweed scrapbooks of Victorian women. The hobby mixed many important interests of the era – Romanticism, Natural History, collection and exploration. It also required a huge amount of skill, as the subjects needed to be properly collected, dried and pressed, without the help of any adhesive. The pass time became hugely popular, and even a young Queen Victoria herself created a seaweed scrapbook.

They acted as a vestige of a little known realm that seemed bizarrely alien. Yet these windows into another world were easy to miss if you weren’t looking for them. But the well trained eye could find them, and knew just how to handle them and preserve their unique beauty to show others. They are a perfect metaphor for an ARG rabbit hole.

The images come from various scrapbooks, but this big red specimen comes courtesy of graphic designer Genevieve Howe, who inherited the scrapbook. All the seaweed will be shown in its original colours, or else with a dark blue filter. 

More information on this hobby can be found here.